Dayli Hernández Pérez

Dayli Hernández Pérez

Born in Cuba, of Spanish nationality, lives since 1997 in Tenerife.

Based on professional training and following practical experience she helps in the office.

Rolf L. Fuchs

Rolf L. Fuchs

Born in Germany where he concluded studies as translator end interpreter. Established on Tenerife since 1984, dedicating his attention to tourism.

Approved tourist guide, authorized by the Canaries government. As member of several touristic organizations he is provided with a large curriculum and shows great knowledge as well as long time experience in his profession.

Member of



Asociación de Guías de Turismo de Tenerife

Confederación Española de Federaciones y Asociaciones Profesionales de Guías de Turismo

European Federation of Tourist Guides

World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations