DAYLI TOURS carries out activities as Touristic Intermediary, established with license number I -0002291.1, authorized by the Canary Government on 30th of January 2012, based on law 14/2009 of 30th of December (Official Gazette Canary Islands 2/2010 of 5th of January) that modifies law 7/1995 of 6th of April (Official Gazette Canary Islands 48/1995 of 19th of April) and subsequently Order 89/2010 of 22nd of July (Official Gazette Canary Islands 149/2010 of 30th of July).

Licensee is Mr. Rolf L. Fuchs, entitled as touristic guide for the island of Tenerife after passing the respective examinations called by the Canary Government with resolution of 4th of August 1999, based on Decree 59/1997 of 30th of April (Official gazette Canary Islands 60/1997 of 12th of May), extended on 27th of May 2004 to the island of La Gomera and on 4th of February 2004 to Whale watching in areas of the Canary Islands. European Union's directive 2005/36/CE of 7th of September 2005 (Official Journal of the European Union of 30th of September) regulates recognition of professional qualifications and European Union's Directive 2006/0123 of 12th of December 2006 (Official Journal of the European Union of 27th of December) regulates services in the internal market. The document EN13809-2003 of 11th of December 2011 sets standards in tourism services within the European Union and determines different tourism services, travel agencies and tour operators terminology. The Canary Government modified by Decree 88/2012 of 15th of November (Official Gazette Canary Islands 229/2012 of 22nd of November) certain aspects of Decree 13/2010 of 11th of February (Official Gazette Canary Islands 38/2010 of 24th of February). A Resolution of 15th of April 2010 extends all licenses of local touristic guides to the whole of the Canary Islands

Law 13/2007 of 17th of May (Official Gazette Canary Islands 104/2007 of 24th of May) regulates road transport within the Canary Islands and states in its article 70.2 that "in any type of touristic routes or excursions tourists have to be accompanied in every moment by an official, governmental authorized guide"

Touristic Guides have to identify themselves by an official authorization