Festivities of Corpus Christi were installed by Pope Urbano IV in the year 1264 to commemorate the miracle of conversion of wine and bred.
To the Canary Islands this tradition arrived with the conquerors, but only in the year 1847 members of the Monteverde family, Mrs. Maria Teresa Monteverde and Maria del Pilar Monteverde y del Castillo decorated the street In front of their house with a simple work of chalk and some flowers in a baroc style. Soon other families did the same and today there are thirty four different flower carpets, some runnings, others pictures.
The town hall square is decorated with a carpet of volcanic sand, unique in the world. This idea started in the year 1905 when the arms of the navy were presented in the center of the square. Since 1919 they form part of the celebrations of Corpus Christ, Motives vary every year according and agreed upon between church and artists