Puerto de la Cruz, due to its situation in the island’s north, exposed to trade winds, is predetermined to house gardens of great beauty and variety. A place, visited by voyagers and natural scientists like Alexander von Humboldt, Sabino Berthelot, Phillip Webb and others passed stayed here. Today we can enjoy these gardens

The excursion starts at the BOTANICAL GARDEN, founded by royal order of 17th of August of 1788 being king Carlos III, who died the same year. His successor ordered Don Alonso de Nava y Grimón, Marqués de Villanueva del Prado to establish a garden of acclimatization on the island of Tenerife, as it is still named above the entrance. In these gardens had to be introduced plants of the colonies in America and Asia, as this did not work in the gardens of Aranjuez, where this was not possible due to climatological conditions during winter month in that region. The Line ship San Bernardo brought the first exotic seeds and after essays in various parts of the island, decision was made to plant them in a land offered by Don Francisco Bautista de Lugo y Saavedra, owner of the nearby farm yard El Durazno and the House of Abacco.
Today these gardens include among other plants more than five hundred species of Ficus, hundred fifty species of Palms, three hundred different Bromeacias and a large number of Aracacias.
One of the eldest trees greets right behind the entrance, the Mamey of Santo Domingo, further inside, along the main path, the impressive Ficus Macrofilus. Plants with curious common names, extraordinary flowers and exotic fruits.
The SITIO LITRE forms part of a property, a mansion constructed in the center of Puerto de la Cruz in the year 1730, originally housed a convent. In 1774 Sir Archibald Little bought it and after belonging more than hundred years to the family Smith its actual owner Sir. John Lucas acquired it and opened its gardens to the general public.
The SITIO LITRE garden is the oldest surviving garden in Tenerife, now 230 years old and owned since 1774 by British families.
In between its orchids famous persons as William Wilde, father of Oscar Wilde, or Marianne North the well-known botanical painter, Richard Burton (1860 till 1863) enjoyed their stay. Agatha Christi was inspired here to write “The mysterious Mr. Quinn”.
Having experienced this calm, beautiful surrounding nowadays visitors will understand why…
…and don’t forget to meet Nelson.
The RISCO BELLO consists of five terraces of different style where lakes combine with an abundance vegetation, waterfalls, wells and caves. It includes a collection of five hundred plants exotics, tropical and subtropical and was designed by a man as an expression of love to his wife, gravely ill, hoping that this will help her to recuperate health
Later it was decided to open the park to the general public. Famous architect and artist Cesar Manrique of Lanzarote was fascinated by its beauty and described it as a “Green Symphony”
The same architect designed the PLAYA JARDIN, a beach shoaled with local sands and protected by rock fills, and decorated with lush gardens, where between the blue sea and Green plants some restaurants offer meals for every taste.
Yes, in Puerto de la Cruz even the beach is a garden!