Only few occasions allow the possibility to assist in a threshing event in agricultural areas of Tenerife.

Threshing has been done for unmemorable times in all agricultural cultures on earth. There are two different ways to do, pounding or threshing.
Pounding is done by flail and employed when the straw is kept for roof thatching, basketwork and so on.
In properly spoken threshing the straw is mashed at the same time when the grain separates
For threshing a round shaped area is prepared on solid ground and provided with a slightly higher border.
Men distribute crops onto the whole circle.
The thresher consists of a wooden panel, whose lower surface contains a big quantity of sharp edged stones. These woods are torn across the crops by ox or donkeys.
It seems like a sledge. Participants serve as additional weight meanwhile the animals tear.
There is always a festive atmosphere and a nice companionship
Once finished the threshing the mixture of chaff and grain is thrown into the air. Lightest winds blow the chaff away while the heavier grain falls onto the ground at the same place.