Getting to know a vacation destination means not only sleeping in a nice hotel, walking along the waterfront at sunrise or sunbathing on a beautiful beach, but also tasting the local kitchen.
Climate and soil conditions cause special adapted products. In case of islands separated from the continent even proper subspecies might occur.
Talking about Tenerife is talking about its local potatoes, called papas, its vegetables grown in “huertas” and, of course, its excellent wines.
In past centuries these wines, mainly the Malvasia, Was worldwide renowned. Poets like Scott or Shakespeare mentioned them in their works. Ships got supplied here on their voyages to the new world. In recent history this old tradition of canaries wine has been recuperated incorporating modern means and due to the fact that here species of grapes still exist that was elsewhere destroyed by the filoxera.
DAYLI TOURS offers visits to different wine cellars, combined with nature and culture and typical meals in local restaurants.
Naturally on an island nobody can avoid the seafood: fresh fish and seafood, accompanied by jacked potatoes and wine, glancing across the ocean…

Excursions vary due to starting point and availability of bodegas and restaurants and, of course, pending our guest’s wishes