Many people have seen the Roques de García very close, as they were printed on the former one thousand Peseta banknote
Roques de García represent one of the most interesting volcanic landscapes, offering visitors views at different époques of geological history, singular rocks and dikes, sculptured by erosion during thousands of years.
Most impressive is a lava fall that advanced shape of fingers. The sialic crust, semisolid and flexible. When pressure destroys this hull new fingering seeks an easier way to continue downhill.
Between the so called White Cañadas and the plains of Ucanca here is a dislevelment of about hundred fifty meters, slopes covered with lava pahoe hoe, easy to walk on.
A vertical lava canal, today exposed due to erosion shows the shape of a cathedral
This rock is a favorite place for mountaineers.

At the end of the path there is a short but steep part leading back to the starting point of the hike. Persons with insufficient condition might use another path, longer but plain, leading to the principal road that passes through the crater.